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Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus Walks The Earth With Prime 1 Studio
The Spinosaurus is ready to make its presence know with the newest 1/36th scales statue standing 9.5 inches tall Brought back to life, the Prime 1 Studio team has faithfully recreated the Spinosaurus straight from the film With crocodilian skin, a ferocious spin, terrible claws, a long gruesome snout, and flesh-ripping teeth that will enhance[...]
Jurassic Park III Spinosaurus is Unleashed with Prime 1 Studio
This time the ferocious Spinosaurus is ready to dominate its territory in your collection This prehistoric statue stands 20" tall and 32" wide from its nose to tail The Spinosaurus is highly detailed and it shows the beast roaring by Cooper's downed plane The dinosaur is very well done and with the added jungle themed[...]
Spinosaurus Dinomation Statue Finally Arrives from Gecco
Gecco finally lets dinosaurs walk the Earth once again as they bring the Spinosaurus back to life Last year Gecco started a new series of statues that are solidifying that memory of classic stop motion animation style dinosaur films With graphics so limited back in the day some films feature claymation monsters especially dinosaurs We[...]