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Spy Island #2 Review: Not Much Happening
There are still plenty of entertaining elements to work with here, but where the first issue astonished, this one merely suffices. The cover of Spy Island #2 Credit: Dark Horse Comics   Nora Freud is a spy, very much in the Michael Westen sense of constant self-reflection and engaged in random mayhem Her sister Connie — who has[...]
Inkblot #1 Review:
Spy Island reunites writer Chelsea Cain with two artists from her Image Comics series, Maneaters: Lia Miternique, who is credited as co-creator, cover artist, and artist for supplemental material, and Elise McCall, who handles the main art. Rachelle Rosenberg is on colors, Joe Caramagna does the lettering, and Stella Greenvoss handles more supplemental material for this Dark Horse debut[...]
Spy Island #1
(Dark Horse Comics, creative team for Spy Island: Chelsea Cain, Elise McCall, Rachelle Rosenberg, Joe Caramagna, Lia Miternique) There's a word for books like this: wow Nora Freud (no relation) is a spy who loves her job but is completely over her assignment Stationed on a tropical island at the edge of the Bermuda Triangle, she[...]
Spy Island Chelsea Cain
Cain further said that Man-Eaters wasn't making enough money to make the production worthwhile and offered to bring on a transgender sensitivity reader to help edit the comic, but without monetary compensation, sparking more backlash, which ultimately led to Cain quitting Twitter once again in June, though she returned in September. And now, Cain is back with[...]