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Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Figures Hitting Walmarts Now, Everywhere in January

They cost $10 each and can be ordered right here.Check out all eight figures below, and check your Walmarts this weekend for the sets.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="951949,951950,951943,951944,951941,951942,951953,951954"] STAR WARS fans new and old can discover the exciting action from a galaxy far, far away with figures and more from STAR WARS GALAXY OF ADVENTURES! Learn about[...]

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Check Out the First Six Episodes of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures Now

Star Wars Kids officially launched today, and you can watch the first six episodes of the animated short series Galaxy of Adventures right now. Aimed as entry points for young padawans, these first shorts will features story content from the original trilogy, with more shorts debuting in December featuring other characters from the saga. More […]

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Lucasfilm Announces New Star Wars Animated Series Galaxy of Adventures

Young Star Wars fans are going to have a new animated series to devour starting this Friday. Launching along with a new Star Wars Kids YouTube channel, Galaxy of Adventures will feature characters, sounds, ships, and pivotal moments from the original trilogy in short bursts as entry points into the saga for young ones. The […]