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Spider-Man MAFEX Upgrades to the Stealth Suit 
This stealth suit was given to him by Nick Fury to hide with iconic Reb red suit from the public while he was overseas This time Medicom is dropping a new MAFEX figure showing Night Monkey in all his glory Unlike most figures, this Spider-Man comes with 4 interchangeable heads with 2 stealth suit and[...]
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These Egg Action Attack figures from Beast Kingdom are always unique and can definitely bring some eyes to your Spider-man collection.  The Spider-Man Stealth Suit Night Monkey Egg Action Attack figure from Beast Kingdom is set to release in the second quarter of 2020 He does not have a price just yet, and his pre-orders have[...]
Iron Man Dons the Stealth Suit with New Marvel Legends Figure
Iron Man goes stealthy with Stealth Suit for Mandripoor ninjas! This suit is best seen in the recent Invincible Iron Man series before the events of Civil War II.  The stealth Suit comes with hand blaster attachment pieces, interchangeable hands, and a laser sword The black and blue paint on the Stealth Suit is a pretty[...]
Let's Take a Look at LEGO Spider-Man: Far From Home's Molten Man Set
Lots of little pieces and little builds that add up to a bigger set when all is said and done. Three mini-figs are included in this one- a firefighter, Spidey in his Stealth suit, and Mysterio All three are cool I am still not sure how I feel about that stealth suit look in this film,[...]