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WWE Disses Donald Trump for Raw 25th Anniversary, Claims to Be Non-Partisan

Punctuality-obsessed Hollywood gossip blog Deadline reports from the panel, where the company debuted a sizzle reel for the show that did not include the pro wrestling president."WWE is non-partisan," said Stephanie McMahon after Triple H mentioned other "celebrities" who weren't included in the footage in an attempt to shrug off questions about the lack of[...]

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There's Been A Shakeup On Team RAW

This bad news for Team RAW, especially after Stephanie McMahon accused Kurt Angle of playing favorites with Jordan. promo has been absolute gold I'm not a fan of the Jordan/Angle gimmick It cheapens Jordan a great deal, and I can't take his "freak-outs" seriously But Stephanie getting in the middle and Jordan getting injured is[...]

Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie McMahon Comes After Kurt Angle, And The Shield Is Having None Of It night's RAW opened with Stephanie McMahon's ongoing promo with making Kurt Angle look as bad as possible She called Angle out to the ring to tear him a new one, even going as so far to saw he wouldn't lead Team RAW to victory during Survivor Series To be honest, I like Steph on[...]

WWE Raw GM Mick Foley Looking For Own Replacement On Facebook

With on-screen tensions heating up between WWE Raw general manager Mick Foley and Raw commissioner Stephanie McMahon heating up, plus an expected hip surgery in the near future for the hardcore legend, Mick Foley's time on WWE Raw is likely drawing to a close after Wrestlemania The predictable replacement for Foley is Kurt Angle, as WWE[...]