Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Says WWE's Stephanie McMahon Keeps A Statue Of The Macho Man In Her Bedroom


Legendary pro wrestler Scott Steiner was interviewed by the Nick's Strength and Power show on YouTube, and he joined fellow Impact Wrestling star Alberto Del Rio in having some unkind words for former employers WWE, as well as top executives Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. When the interviewer (who we presume is the titular Nick) asked Steiner about NXT, Steiner responded, "Fuck the WWE."

Asked why he felt that way, Steiner responded, "Who's in charge and who runs it, you know? There ain't two bigger douchebags than Triple H and Stephanie [McMahon], you know? So…"

Nick, grinning, pressed further, asking Steiner if he'd watched this year's Wrestlemania.

"Well hell no!" Steiner responded. "Let me ask you something. Why did Triple H make a statue of Ric Flair?"

Nick had no answers.

"Where is it now?" Steiner asked, taking over the interview.

Again, Nick didn't know.

"Where do you think it's at?" Steiner asked.

Nick still had no idea. It's not so nice on the other side of the microphone, is it, Nick? Eventually, Steiner answered his own question.

"There's no Hall of Fame," Steiner replied, before asking Nick another question. "You got an address for the Hall of Fame?"

Nick was forced to admit he did not.

"Then where's it at?" Steiner continued. "What's your guess?"

Nick guessed, "Triple H's house?"

"Exactly," Steiner replied, before needlessly adding, "And they better not make one of The Macho Man [Randy Savage]."

Nick replied that he believed WWE has already made a statue of Savage, to Steiner's delight.

"She made one?" Steiner asked. "Oh, that's definitely in her bedroom."

A widespread but never confirmed wrestling rumor said that Randy Savage's falling out with WWE had to do with an affair between Savage and McMahon before Savage left the company in 1994, never to return.

Watch the interview for yourself below:

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