Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle Welcome Ronda Rousey

Last night during the Elimination Chamber PPV, Ronda Rousey was set to sign her WWE RAW contract. Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, and Kurt Angle were all on hand to welcome the newest WWE family. Triple H commented that they had been scouring the earth for the best athlete they could find, to elevate WWE's status. It was actually a very nice introduction, Triple H knows how to captivate an audience.

Coming out (again) to Joan Jett's 'Bad Repuation', Rousey was all smiles to her standing ovation. Her joy is fantastic, and she looks like she's genuinely having fun with it all.

Rousey was a little awkward on the microphone. She tripped over her words, and seemed a little taken back, but it really only adds to the charm WWE want you to feel for her. After giving a a quick thanks to Rowdy Roddy Piper, Triple H made it a point to say that she didn't want any special treatment. No special cars, no first class, she just wants to be treated like everyone else. Except that you know this contract gets her a match at Wrestlemania. But not a title match! This whole thing was joyfully awkward.

And then Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle spilled the beans about how Triple H and McMahon wanted to keep her under her thumb, and that after three years in the making, they now had the b**** there. Oh, what joyful awkwardness this is. Rousey looked less than thrilled, while McMahon tried to talk her way out of it. Angle got the last word in, telling Rousey that McMahon thought she was a has-been. Rousey got into McMahon's face, and then got into Triple H's face.

I give her sheer credit — Rousey has zero fear. In fact, Rousey threw Triple H through the table with her contract on it. McMahon slapped her in retaliation. Rousey still signed the contract, but I kind of wish she had just torn it up and walked away. I guess we have a new challenger against the McMahons, and whatever doubts I had about Rousey were just thrown out the window.

Also shout out to the crowd for shouting "You f***** up," at McMahon.

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