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DC Future State Gossip: Maybe That's Not The Kid Quick Flash On Cover To Infinite Frontier #0
The question was asked what this might mean for the characters classically portrayed as his kids, and it looks as if Tynion will be addressing that, with artist Stephen Byrne James Tynion writes; Death Metal ends in a few weeks times and sets the stage for Future State, which I won't be taking part in (for[...]
Green Arrow #34 Review: Green Arrow Versus Ayn Rand
It's funny reading it and thinking "this is some hardcore objectivism that Moira is spouting here," and then they actually talk about Rand, the messiah of zealous libertarians who don't understand how governments work and view compassion as an alien concept. And then Atlas Shrugged, for he didn't give a shit. That being said, the comic is[...]
Green Arrow #26 Review: The Emerald Archer And The Fastest Man Alive
With art and coloring from Stephen Byrne, you have a unique and very appealing style The colors are blended incredibly, and the overall comic is beautiful It conveys movement very well, and the somewhat cartoonish style fits Green Arrow perfectly. This isn't the greatest team-up comic ever — the threat doesn't seem menacing enough to warrant[...]
A Ray of Light – Justice League of America Rebirth: The Ray Review
It needed to bring some hope. And boy, does it deliver. Art by Stephen Byrne Steve Orlando and Stephen Byrne craft a fantastic story that sets up the origins of the character as well as their reasons for moving forward, and perhaps why he'd be part of the new JLA coming soon. And what I think is especially wonderful[...]
Archie, Kevin Keller Join IDW and DC's Pulse Nightclub Benefit Anthology "Love Is Love"
Co-published by IDW and DC Comics, the comic features over a hundred one and two page stories from over a hundred creative teams, with all proceeds benefiting the victims and survivors of the Orlando Pulse Nightclub tragedy. And now, Archie Comics has officially announced their involvement, along with some of their flagship characters. Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Stephen Byrne,[...]
Opening For A Fan Made Animated Doctor Who
How is this not a thing… artist and animator Stephen Byrne made up this video showing what he thinks the opening credits to The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who would be, if it were real This shows The 12th Doctor and Clara but celebrates the previous Doctors nicely You can see more of Stephen's work[...]