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Enter The Fat Dragon Trailer, Starring Donnie Yen, Debuts

Enter The Fat Dragon Trailer, Starring Donnie Yen, Debuts

Maybe he and Stephen Chow should team-up Enter the Fat Dragon will be streaming here in the US later this year. Enter the Fat Dragon is a new film that is actually a loose remake of a film from 1978 Scratch that, star Donnie Yen says that this film is not a remake, but instead its[...]

Look! It Moves! At The NYAFF: Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back

[caption id="attachment_678494" align="aligncenter" width="350"] Courtesy of Sony Pictures[/caption]Tsui Hark’s latest movie, a collaboration with comedy writer-director Stephen Chow, is the manic, crazy, deconstructionist take on the Journey to the West saga: Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back.Nearly every Chinese person knows this story, as do the Japanese, who adapted it into the popular[...]

Stephen Chow Developing A Thriller With Thai Studio GTH

Stephen Chow is set set to develop a thriller with Thai studio GTH, THR are reporting.The film, a co-production between China and Thailand, will be directed by Banjong Pisanthanakun, the director of last year's smash hit Pee Mak Phra Khanong, and will be made with a reported budget of between $2.5 million and $6.5 million (15 million[...]

First Full Trailer: Donnie Yen Is The Monkey King

There's certainly none of the lunatic flair that embellished Stephen Chow's Journey to the West - which, incidentally, still hasn't Tsk! False advertising.Thanks to TwitchFilm for the embed. Think that superhero cinema is bogged down with never-ending origin stories? Seen Uncle Ben die one too many times? Had enough of Kal-El crash landing in Kansas?[...]

Jam-Packed Trailer For Stephen Chow's Journey To The West

In fact, many of these would have worked back in the heyday of Looney Tunes too.[youtube][/youtube]It's odd to see a Stephen Chow film without Stephen Chow His staying behind the camera creates a big charisma deficit for his cast to make up. More or less everything in this trailer is some sort of gag and[...]

Second Teaser For Stephen Chow's Journey To The West Brings Footage, Punchline

Our first look at Stephen Chow and Derek Kwok's Journey to the West was a pretty simple, announcement-style teaser This time we get some actual footage from the film and, at the end, a rather Chow-like gag that made me make a proper noise That superb music from the first trailer is back too.[youtube][/youtube]I love it.Sure,[...]

New Stephen Chow! First Teaser For His Take On Journey To The West

The next big-budget, Chinese-produced retelling of the Journey to the West story has been directed by Stephen Chow and Gallants' Derek Kwok.This brief teaser trailer was unveiled at a press conference in China today, along with the above poster According to Mtime (via Twitch), Chow announced that he doesn't have a major acting role in[...]