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Aquaman #30 cover by Stepjan Sejic

Aquaman #30 Review: Welcome To The Resistance

Thankfully, someone has been watching them and supports their cause.Elsewhere, Mera struggles now that she has found her way into Atlantis, and she runs across a crime lord on the rise.[caption id="attachment_746316" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Aquaman #30 cover by Stepjan Sejic[/caption]Aquaman looks to be reaching the climax and conclusion of “Underworld” with the establishment of the[...]

'Aquaman' #28 Review: Those Are Some Spooky Ghosts

With compelling lead characters and a great plot, Dan Abnett and Stepjan Sejic have put together another great issue of Aquaman.[caption id="attachment_717990" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Aquaman #28 art by Stepjan Sejic[/caption]Corum Rath and his fundamentalist regime have turned into a great foil for Aquaman’s progressivism, and Krush and Kadaver are good heavies to stand between Arthur[...]