'Aquaman' #28 Review: Those Are Some Spooky Ghosts

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Cover to Aquaman #28 by Stepjan Sejic
Aquaman #28

Aquaman and Dolphin are still on the run from Krush's hitman, Kadaver, and things are beginning to look precarious for the former King of Atlantis.

Meanwhile, Vulko and Odine, the emissary of the Widowhood, are in the catacombs beneath the Atlantean Treasury in the hopes of finding a way of shutting down the Crown of Thorns. Unfortunately, ghosts walk these halls that may bring about an end to these two.

Mera and Tempest are outside the Crown, and Mera hopes Tempest's time learning magic from the Silent School may allow him to bring down the barrier. This hasn't escaped Corum Rath's attention though.

Pieces are falling into place, and the fate of Atlantis will soon be decided. With compelling lead characters and a great plot, Dan Abnett and Stepjan Sejic have put together another great issue of Aquaman.

Interior art from Aquaman #28 by Stepjan Sejic
Aquaman #28 art by Stepjan Sejic

Corum Rath and his fundamentalist regime have turned into a great foil for Aquaman's progressivism, and Krush and Kadaver are good heavies to stand between Arthur and Corum.

Vulko, who I feared was going to be lost to the New 52, has remained an engaging character with complex morals and motivations.

Mera and Tempest are awesome too, with their own hang-ups and fears about what is happening to Atlantis.

That being said, I do hope this story moves some place soon. As great as this arc has been, it is risking running out of steam with another issue that moves the wheel forward this slowly. I'm hoping that it won't, but it is a possibility.

Then again, I could admire Sejic's artwork for hours. He makes another astonishing issue, with forms, details, textures, and colors to blow you away. Those ghosts I mentioned earlier actually come out looking pretty creepy with Sejic's art styling.

This is another amazing issue of the Aquaman comic. With great characters, a compelling plot, and a powerhouse artist, it's easily among DC's best comics at the moment. If you're not reading it, you are missing out.

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