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IDW Reboots 30 Days Of Night In December With Niles, Kowalski, Templesmith, And Wood
The classic 2002 three-issue horror series by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith that spawned numerous follow-ups and two feature films is getting a reboot in December. Steve Niles will return to write the series, and Ben Templesmith will draw covers along with original cover artist Ashley Wood, while Piotr Kowalski takes on interior art in what is being billed[...]
Winnebago Graveyard #1 Goes To Second Print, Regression #1 Goes To Third
Adrian descends into a world of occult conspiracy, mystery, reincarnation, and insanity from which there is no escape. A week later, Winnebago Graveyard #1 by Steve Niles and Alison Sampson will have its second printing out for 19th July, with a wrap-around cover by Katie Skelly. An American family traveling on vacation finds themselves stranded in a[...]
30 Days Of Night, A Comic That Changed The Industry, Turns 15
IDW has released a new 15th anniversary edition of 30 Days of Night. Folks don't talk so much about the series, but at the time you had two realitively unknown creators, Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, putting out a three-issue series from a brand new publisher and then suddenly all hell broke loose I'd met Steve[...]
Art Of Monsters – David Hartman's Work In Time-Lapse
Quite a few years ago now, I had the pleasure of working on a four-issue mini-series from Image called Steve Niles' Strange Cases It was based on a video game concept Steve Niles had come up with and the studio involved wanted some comics to go with it I got asked to write the stories[...]
30 Days Of Night – 24 Trades Of Christmas
30 Days of Night was a straight forward vampire novel by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith They had worked together on Spawn the Dark Ages but neither were household names at the time The book came out from IDW Publishing, a company created by former Wildstorm employees and who had published books by Ashley Wood[...]
MTV Developing ‘Freaks Of the Heartland’ Drama Based On Dark Horse Comic
MTV and Dark Horse Entertainment are developing Freaks of the Heartland based on the comic by Steve Niles and Greg Ruth The project will be written by Geoff Davey and Peter Sattler. Freaks of the Heartland is set in a rural town in America's heartland that has harbored a terrible secret Trevor's family had been hiding his[...]
Jim Carrey And Eli Roth Join For Steve Nile's Aleister Arcane
Back in 2004, Steve Niles and Breehn Burns teamed up for a new series called Aleister Arcane for IDW It told the story of a weatherman who returned to his home town to host a midnight horror show An incident with two children leads the host to be put on trial, breaking his spirit and[...]
Benjamin Roman Brings Us P.A.C.O. And Donut
The all-ages series by creator Benjamin Roman tells the story of an escaped criminal who is shackled to a damaged transport robot whose programming has flipped. Roman has previously worked with writer Steve Niles on The Cryptics from Image and with Keith Giffen on I Luv Halloween for Tokyopop. We have some preview pages and a synopsis for[...]
More Monster Noir Goodness In Monster World #2 Preview
The series is from Philip Kim, Steve Niles, Piotr Kowalski and Dennis Calero and focuses on Detective Barrymore who might be in over his head when unexpected new bizarre details come to light, but that doesn't stop him from slowing down at all. What started out as a routine investigation has derailed into a dance with demons, and[...]
Niles And Jones Wrap Up Broken Moon
The final issue of the series by Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) and Nat Jones ('68) brings the war to a head. An all-out attack on the vampires' city stronghold, with the fate of the planet hanging in the balance But will Frankenstein's army be enough for the humans and werewolves to tip the scales[...]
Piotr Kowalski Draws Steve Niles's Monster World For December
Teased with just Steve Niles' name before from American Gothic Press, he is joined by co-writer Philip Kim and artist Piotr Kowalski for December's Monster World comic book series. Something sinister is lurking behind the cameras of world-famous World Studios, and it may not be human When Detective Henry Barrymore is approached by a mysterious woman to[...]
Steve Niles And Nat Jones Bring Broken Moon To American Gothic Press
It's created by Steve Niles and Nat Jones who have worked together before on Spawn: The Dark Ages and Giant Monster. After the world's superpowers go nuclear on one another's lunar mining colonies, destroying much of the moon, the human population of earth is largely wiped out in the ensuing natural disasters In the wake of[...]
Speculator Corner: Disciples #1 Starts Jumping Up
Written by Steve Niles of 30 Days Of Night fame, it had plenty going for it… And they were not disappointed Retailers went in heavy on exclusive variants just for their stores and have done well out of it. The Forbidden Planet/Jetpack variant is a $18 book. The Rubber Chicken variant is $15. Newbury Comics is $14. As is Books-A-Million. And[...]
Wes Craven And Steve Niles Team For Television Series
Legendary directing Wes Craven is teaming up with 30 Days of Night co-creator Steve Niles to adapt The Disciples for television The sci-fi horror in space from Niles and artist Christopher Mitten isn't schedule to hit comic shelves until May from Black Mask but Universal Cable Productions is already in the process of picking up the rights[...]