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Dave Gibbons Launches New Comic Creative Space In Dundee
The home of DC Thompson, publishers of The Beano, The Dandy, and strips like The Broons and Oor Wullie, it's where many British comic creators honed their trade. And now a special studio is opening t try and help find the next wave. The Dundee Comics Creative Space (DCCS) will officially open next year It was launched[...]
Who Were The Three Musketeers Behind The Marvel Studios Disney Coup?
Bleeding Cool has already reported on the coup at Marvel Studios that saw Kevin Feige take the film making side of Marvel away from the influence of the comic book publisher which birthed it, creating a Feige Island that reports directly to Disney instead. We are still waiting to see the effects of this, if any,[...]
So Which Marvel Studio Films Did The Creative Committee Influence The Most?
Bleeding Cool recently reported how the Marvel Creative Committee, most recently consisting of President Alan Fine, Publisher Dan Buckley, CCO Joe Quesada and writer Brian Bendis supported by CEO Isaac Perlmutter, who met to give notes on Marvel's films, was shut down months ago by studio head Kevin Feige, prior to his move to remove Marvel Studios from the wider Marvel[...]
Avengers Reshoots In Los Angeles This Week
A Little Bleeder involved in a minor fashion with the upcoming Avengers film, tells Bleeding Cool that Marvel Studios will be carrying out reshoots in Los Angeles this week And a casting call has gone out to extras to help fill the numbers. Traditionally, reshoots are often interpreted as problematic, that something isjust not right with[...]
Win! Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Comics Studio Signed By… Bryan Hitch
Bleeding Cool has five copies of Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Comics Studio, signed by the man himself, to give away. And how do you do so? Easy Go on Twitter and tweet something positive about Bryan Hitch, include a link to this post and @TheBryanHitch We'll pick our five favourites Go on, make his day, and win[...]
A Look At Warners' New Leavesden Studios
The British press have been all of a flurry with the announced buyout of Leavesden Studios by Warnr Bros, preserving its status as a film making studio Known most now for the production of the Harry Potter films, the studio will be fully renovated, have a Harry Potter attraction element for visiting Muggles and will[...]