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Ghosts of Tsushima Will Divert from History but with Purpose, Says Developer

Sucker Punch's co-founder Chris Zimmerman has been out talking about the historical deviations in Ghosts of Tsushima and how the developer is trying to stay true to the history, while making intentional changes for the game's benefit. History and games are always a tricky combination. Even in other media like film and television, entertainment and history have a pretty […]

Paris Games Week Crowds Blown Away By The 'Ghost of Tsushima' Trailer

The biggest trailer by far to come out of Paris Games Week has been Sucker Punch's Ghost Of Tsushima, revealed earlier today during the Sony press conference. There's no shortage of people online right now who are typing away at how in awe they are of this trailer, and after looking at it ourselves, we're […]

Bleeding Cosplay – From Evangelion To Tinker Bell

Each week Bleeding Cosplay Senior Cosplay Correspondent Ian Mageto features individuals who not only love cosplay, but also bleed it. If you would like to have your work featured please send a high resolution image to  as well as any social media links and photographer credit. Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage […]

inFamous: Second Son – Being 'Hip' Might Be A Good Thing

By Sage Ashford One of the largest problems many gamers have as they get older is actually finding the time to engage in their hobby.  As we age, our responsibilities grow in number and gradually become more time-consuming: homework becomes more demanding in college, and then after we graduate, work, spouses and children drain ever […]

A Visual Exploration Of Motifs In Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch

As the next exhibit in my case for the defense of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, here's a compelling video edited by David Smart. He's currently working on a more elaborate, multi-part video essay on the film, something he was kind enough to tell me had been inspired by my own earlier "visual commentary" piece. You […]

My Chat With Screenwriter Steve Shibuya About Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has this week been released on UK DVD and Blu-ray. It is, I think, the most under valued film of the year – if not for several years. Indeed, it's because of Sucker Punch that I'm most excited to see director Zack Snyder's follow up, the new Superman picture Man of Steel. When […]

Sucker Punch Storyboard Comparison Clips Get Sketchy

On Monday, the extended version of Zack Snyder's misunderstood Sucker Punch is released to Blu-ray in the UK and apparently, my copy is in the mail – just like "that cheque" and all of my fan mail, right? Here are two clips from one of the disc's special features, which shows original, thumbnail storyboards alongside […]

Full Love Is The Drug Scene From Sucker Punch Director's Cut

I assume the extended edition of Sucker Punch, out now on disc in the US, coming to the UK on August 8, is Zack Snyder's director's cut. He definitely reflected positively on it when I spoke to him a couple of months back. One of the scenes you'll find on that disc is the full […]

VIDEO: The First Four Minutes Of Sucker Punch Deconstructed

Here are the opening minutes of Sucker Punch complete with my video commentary. I really do feel quite passionately about this film, and if you're sitting on the fence about buying a ticket, I would like to encourage you. [vimeo][/vimeo] There's an awful lot more I could have said – about the lighting, costumes, her […]

Jeremy Renner Touted For Lead In The Bourne Legacy

If being heir to the Mission: Impossible franchise isn't enough for Jeremy Renner, he might also like to pick up the reigns of the Bourne series. Tony Gilroy is currently putting together the team for The Bourne Legacy, the first post-Matt Damon film in the continuity, and according to Latino Review, an offer is being […]

Sucker Punch: Ten Interesting Questions

Yesterday, I got a chance to speak with Zack Snyder, the director of Sucker Punch. During our conversation, I showed him a draft of something I was working on, for any comments and contributions he might like to make. The list of questions that follows is mainly the same as I showed to Snyder, with […]

Win Big With Bleeding Cool's Sucker Punch Art Competition

Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch is in UK cinemas from April 1 (which gives the US a one week lead on us, grumble grumble). While we're keenly waiting, I thought we'd have a tie-in competion. For the rather exciting prize we've got a one-of-a-kind, money-can't-but lithograph of Sucker Punch concept art by Joel Chang, signed by director […]

Listen To The Full Sucker Punch Soundtrack Album

As well as all of the big, can't-miss, genre-blending visuals, Sucker Punch has a similarly ambitious soundtrack. The full OST is available for streaming online now, including a handful of tracks performed by the film's cast members. The collection opens up with a version of The Eurythmics' Sweet Dreams with vocals by Baby Doll incarnate, […]


Some New Sucker Punch Pin-Ups

Just-about-sort-of in the style of World War II pin-up posters come these five new Sucker Punch promotional images. I don't think there's any style Snyder isn't squeezing into the film somewhere… except minimalism. Pics via Kino Gallery

New Sucker Punch Trailer – Plus Trailer Defacement Tool

They're not calling this new trailer for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch a trailer. Not officially. Have a look at it and see if you agree. Go back and see how many times Emily Browning does the same face in those shots. You'll know the face I mean when you look for it. Now, if that's not […]