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Batman and Superman Get Justice League LEGO Brickheadz

Batman and Superman are getting a new two-pack of LEGO Brickheadz based on the characters' looks in Justice League. Coming to stores and online on May 1st, the two-pack will run you $20. Batman is in his tactical suit, while Supes is in… well, his Superman suit. Tons of these Brickheadz are hitting stores right […]

When Clark Kent And Steve Trevor Talk Wonder Woman

Today's Superman comic book bursts straight out of the recent Superman/Wonder Woman. Yes that one. A Superman healed by the gods but made fully mortal. A Superman who has told Wonder Woman that he no longer loves her and a Wonder Woman who doesn't exactly seem to be on the same page. With this scene […]

The State Of Superman's Secret Identity In Doomed And JLA, Today

There are some odd disparities in the Superman comic books right now. In the the main Supertitles, Superman has had his secret identity revealed as Clark Kent. But not in Justice League. Not In Bizarro and not, it seems, in Doomed. Because while in the main titles we have seen Clark Kent's neigbourhood come out […]

Speculator Corner – Convergence: Superman #1, The First Appearance Of Doomed

Tomorrow sees the second issues of the two parter Convergence event. And, as well as giving you an idea where the series will be going as world battles worlds (or, at least, is meant to) the books will also preview every book in June. Including Convergence: Superman #2, featuring a first look at Doomed, the […]