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State Secrets Hidden & Uncovered In Channel 4 The Undeclared War Q&A
Shows such as Comic Strip Presents, The Tube, The Snowman, Flowers, The Word, Saturday Live, Shameless, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Vic Reeves Big Night Out, Desmonds, Bremner Bird And Fortune, Brass Eye, Nightingales, Peep Show, Absolutely, The Inbetweeners, Green Wing, The Eleven O'Clock Show, Ali G, Misfits, Black Mirror, This Is England, Derry Girls, Gogglebox,[...]
Ralph Breaks the Internet: A Heartfelt, Sloppy Mess [Review]
After trying to help get her out of funk, Ralph's actions cause Sugar Rush to break Seeing that the only way to fix the game and stop it from being unplugged, the pair head into the internet From here, they encounter all kinds of people you will recognize and hilarity ensues Vanellope becomes enamored with[...]
'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Trailer: Vanellope and Ralph Face Crossroads
From the looks of things, their internet mission is going to introduce Vanellope to a whole new world of possibilities beyond Sugar Rush – and force Ralph to face some changes he may not be ready for. BTW: Side note? Not sure what I liked better in this scene: seeing Baymax and Buzz Lighyear, ot what would[...]