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high moon review
Today we're talking High Moon: Bullet Holes and Bite Marks — and beware of some spoilers. The first volume in the three-volume series currently being published by Papercutz's Super Genius imprint collects the first three issues of the original High Moon At first a webcomic created by David Gallaher and Steve Ellis, the series is based on[...]
Papercutz' Super Genius Announces The Return Of The 'Lost' Comics – Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice, Mr. Hero, And Teknophage For San Diego Comic Con
I did. Today, Papercutz announces that their Super Genius line will be re-publishing Gaiman's Lady Justice, Mr Hero, and Teknophage, kicking off in Spring of 2015 with the first volume of Lady Justice. These three lines of comics were originally created by Neil Gaiman in the sense that he drafted their character concepts and "series bibles" in the[...]
Super Genius Line From Papercutz Hints At A Major SDCC Announcement – Third Teaser
The last teaser before Papercutz' big, and we mean BIG announcement regarding an addition to their Super Genius line of adult-geared comics Stay tuned this afternoon for a quite simply massive reveal. For now, you have one more hint to chew over 20 years later Acclaimed Storyteller Justice Come on–you must be getting close to the[...]
Super Genius Line From Papercutz Hints At A Major SDCC Announcement – First Teaser
There's been an unprecedented degree of buzz coming our way from Papercutz regarding the announcement of a major addition to their Super Genius line, to be revealed on Wednesday, July 23rd right here on Bleeding Cool. While Papercutz is known as an all-ages publisher of graphic novels, many brought to US readership in English for the[...]