Super Genius Line From Papercutz Hints At A Major SDCC Announcement – Third Teaser

Well, this is it. The last teaser before Papercutz' big, and we mean BIG announcement regarding an addition to their Super Genius line of adult-geared comics. Stay tuned this afternoon for a quite simply massive reveal.

For now, you have one more hint to chew over. 20 years later. Acclaimed Storyteller. Justice. Come on–you must be getting close to the answer by now, Bleeding Coolers.

But even so, it's even more wide-ranging than you think and I'll go so far as to say there is squee and swoon factor involved. You might even say Super Genius and this book have a meeting with Destiny coming up…

justice3aFor the full scoop, check out the Papercutz Booth at SDCC (#2546)!

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