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From Super Secret Crisis War #6. Also with Sleepy Hollow #2, shorter monologues means shorter stories! Get with the programme! But where do these stories come from? Storyteller: Witches #3 there, though I'm not sure if the dog would capture all the finer point of Joyce's Ulysses. Crossed: Badlands has its Terminator 2 moment Not quite "come with[...]
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Maybe get a bite to eat instead? Super Secret Crisis War #5 has a new recipe it seems You may have to sacrifice the whole world to get it, but clearly it's worth it. While Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 has a terrible combination in mind for the remains of Sunnydale during Hallowe'en…. Transformers comics seem to[...]
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Are they going to be able to put this frog back in the box any time soon? That war with Earth 2… could that be coming next May on the 30th anniversary of Crisis On Infinite Earths? Futures End provides more evidence. And The Super Secret Crisis War! #1 shows us where this may end up, as[...]