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Mark Millar Talks Origin Of Supercrooks Netflix Anime, November 25th
The original Marvel Comics editions of Supercrooks have been selling for cover price or less on eBay but the recent exposure on Netflix's Tudum announcements saw issue 1 suddenly pop out for $17 on eBay More of this sort of thing to come, perhaps? can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Super Crooks | Official[...]
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On Wednesday, Millar announced that the streaming service was moving forward on a live-action series based on his and Leinil Francis Yu's Supercrooks (which is also getting an anime adaptation) But while the JL universe may be expanding with a villain-based series, the main series won't be continuing- at least not for now Millar also[...]
Fifteen Thoughts About Fourteen Comics – Ultimates, Uncanny X-Men, Supercrooks, Deadpool Kills, Glamourpuss, Secret Avengers, Spike, Rachel Rising, Hero Worship, Amazing Spider-Man, Dan The Unharmable, Wolverine Annual, Invincible and Iron Man
Especially when you have entertaining things to do with a pack of Sabretooths… Supercrooks finally does what it probably should have done from the beginning Gives us a super powered heist in the spirit of the great heist capers, with bluffs, double bluffs and triple bluffs… and some excellent use of superheroics to deal with the[...]
Jupiter's Children From Millar And Quitely Moved To Spring 2013
It was originally announded at being published by Image Comics in September, through three solicitation months have passed since then, without sign. The new issue of Supercrooks from Marvel, published tomorrow, has three pages of previews (one of which is reproduced below) and a couple of head sketches of characters from the planned twelve issue series,[...]
Millar In Manila – The Fan's Point Of View
It was really such a privilege and blessing meeting and hanging out with the man himself. Happy Fanboy courtesy @nbsalert Monster Crowd! Fans raising their copies of Supercrooks #1 Fan Art courtesy of the awesome Apol Sta Maria Thank you National Book Store for making this possible! I had the most awesome experience Imagine a fanboy hanging[...]
Numbercrunching Supercrooks
Mark Millar has very kindly posted a series of statistics regarding the orders of Supercrooks In an industry where we usually have to make estimates based on released data, this gives us some hard figures for titles higher up the chart and therefore more statistically significant. Mark Millar posts that pre-orders for Supercrooks #1 totalled 59,600. The[...]
Supercrooks by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu: The Prologue
Even thought it had already been on sale for days at Forbidden Planet and in a number of bookstores. Nevertheless, most seem to have complied. Most. I've been sent a number of scans from the comic by someone who did snag a copy, and while I'm not going to tell you how Kick Ass 2 ends, or just[...]
Send Mark Millar To The Philippines
Mark Millar has set up a competition so that the the store that orders the most copies of Supercrooks #1 from Marvel will get him for a signing He'll fly his way there and put himself up, but the winning store has to order a shed load And if they don't win, are stuck with[...]
Supercrooks Prelude In March's CLiNT
I think that's correct. A prelude Supercrooks story by Mark Millar (and, by absentia, not Leinil Yu) will appear in March's copy of CLiNT magazine and, apparently, won't appear anywhere else. Though I'll bet you it will appear in the eventual trade paperback. Just not in the Marvel comic It's one way to get some more original material[...]
Windows Is Next For Nacho Vigalondo, Not Mark Millar's Supercrooks
The details we had last year were that the film would be shot in Spain in both English and Spanish, and that it would have a $6.5 million budget. The story will revolve around the theme of watching and being watched through the power of the internet, and Vigalondo claims that it will be, "in a[...]
Sunday Runaround – Captain America Hits The Pavement
But this description on selling Supercrooks as a film and getting a director… "I announced this at a convention two or three months ago Universal Pictures had someone in the audience, heard it, phoned my agent while I was there and did the deal. "By pure chance, I was in the bar that night with a pal,[...]
A Cast Of Characters In Mark Millar and Leinil Yu's Supercrooks
The new issue of CLiNT out on Thursday has a piece on the upcoming Supercrooks comic by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu from Marvel. Set amongst a group of American supervialains who have left America for European shores, welcome to Ocean's Super Eleven, including Bastard, TK McCabe, Johnny Bolt, Kasey-Anne, The Fog and The Praetorian… but[...]
SCOOP: Nacho Vigalondo To Direct Mark Millar And Leinil Yu's Supercrooks
At the Kapow comic convention in London last month, show organiser Mark Millar stated that there was a big name Spanish director signed up to direct a film based on his newly announced Marvel Icon book Supercrooks with artist Leinil Yu Something he repeated in his editorial in this week's CLiNT magazine as announcing next[...]