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(Supurbia #8) The Manhattan Projects takes its fascination with body morphism further this issue There isn't a body that can't be twisted, warped, cut, pulped, disassembled, reassembled and… just not tidying up after disembowelment They should get a maid, or something. The two faces of Wolverine –  literally it seems In Savage Wolverine, the… well, savage version. [...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic! –  Supurbia And The Reforming Of Comic Book Villains
[youtube][/youtube] Think About The Ink; To celebrate the release of Supurbia #1, the ongoing from BOOM Studios, host Grace Randolph shares her list of the Top Ten Comic Book Villains Find out where The Joker, Magneto, Ozymandias, Lex Luthor, Reggie Mantle, Cyclops, Talia al Ghul, Geppetto from Fables, Norman Osborn, The Plutonian from Irredeemable, and Loki stand[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Deadpool, Supurbia, Captain America, Comeback, Wonder Woman, Clone, Hawkeye, Red Hood And The Outlaws, Catwoman, Journey Into Mystery, Wolverine And The X-Men, Batwoman, Iron Man, Judge Dredd and The Indestructable Hulk
In Deadpool #2, the revived zombie President Kennedy cops to killing Marilyn Monroe… In Supurbia, Lois Lane gets all huffy with Superman for running off with Wonder Woman Well, you know what I mean. In Captain America, we get a Green Skull… well, we have a Red Hulk, why not? Actually snark aside, while I like the[...]
The $9.99 Suburbia Trade Paperback Has A Great Cover
Comes out next Wednesday along with the first issue of the ongoing Supurbia series. Also the same day as Bleeding Cool Magazine And Amazing Spider-Man #698 And my fortieth birthday And the day before Thanksgiving. It's a good day all round, really. Just saying Comes out next Wednesday along with the first issue of the ongoing Supurbia[...]
A Third Off The Supurbia TPB… But Only In Comic Stores
Amazon lists Grace Randolph's Supurbia trade paperback at $14.99 with no discount. But comic stores who order through Diamond Comic Distributors will be selling the same book, when it comes out in November, for just $9.99 The collection will also be available earlier in comic stores, on the same day as the first issue of the new[...]
A Look At November's Relaunch Of Supurbia
In November, as part of Marvel NOT, Boom! will relaunch Bleeding Cool's very own Grace Randolph's Supurbia, with the first issue of an ongoing series And here are the covers (hey, it's a Boom! relaunch, of course there are going to be covers) of the first issue. Pick your favourite… In November, as part of Marvel[...]
Preview: Grace Randolph's Supurbia #4
Here's a preview look at this week's Supurbia #4 by Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman from Boom! Studios, which was to have been the final issue of the series Not any more of course… [issuu width=420 height=319 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120604130753-022383ff116f4d499d151fcb4488b931 name=supurbia_preview username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcoo unit=px v=2] [...]
BC Mag #0: Defining the BOOM! Generation
Are you a retailer who would like to be included? Contact us. Reply to this article in the forum. Further Reading: BOOM, ADVENTURE TIME, SUPURBIA, HYPERNATURALS, FANBOYS VS ZOMBIES, PEANUTS, IRREDEEMABLE, INCORRUPTIBLE, HELLRAISER, IRON MUSLIM, EXTERMINATION, GRACE RANDOLPH, MARK WAID, SAM HUMPHRIES, SIMON SPURRIER Bleeding Cool Magazine Article By Rich Johnston From humble beginnings to winning "Best Publisher[...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – The Top Ten Superhero Teams!
[youtube][/youtube] The Top Ten Superhero Teams! Host Grace Randolph's original comic book from BOOM Studios, Supurbia #3, is hitting shelves today! To get you in the mood, she gives you her Top Ten List of Superhero Teams in comics! Find out where Birds of Prey, Watchmen, Fantastic Four, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Green Lantern Corps,[...]
Sixteen Thoughts About Sixteen Comics – Skeleton Key, AvX 3, Earth 2, Amazing Spider-Man, World's Finest, Animal Man, Supurbia, Batwing, Detective Comics, Invincible Iron Man, Exiles, Hulk Smash, Swamp Thing, Daredevil, Epic Kill and The Spider
Supurbia pulls of the trick of doing the same, but having the second front take place in the sitting rooms, as wives and husbands battle over the influence that one might possibly be able to pull on the suspected super villain But naturally, there will be just as heavy a price to pay as in[...]
Preview: Supurbia Vs Fanboys Vs Zombies
Today's Stacktastic from Grace Randolph may be delayed until tomorrow sadly… but to make up for it, here's a preview of the third issue of her Supurbia comic from Boom! Studios… [issuu width=420 height=319 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120501190316-8ae1d95440a348dbb0eaeb5d348b12fb name=supurbia_03_preview username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] And while we're looking at friends of Bleeding Cool at Boom!, here's a look at tomorrow's[...]
Supurbia #1 Gets A Third Print Cover By Avengefuls Artist Joshua Covey
Avengefuls artist Joshua Covey also appears to be doing the cover for Grace Randolph's Supurbia issue 1 third print, with quite the forced perspective I guess we can expect Boom to announce the sellout and the new print any day now then… This week sees the publication of Captain American Idol and ScienTHORlogy from Boom,[...]
Supurbia #1 Goes To Third Print
And people still want more… Supurbia #1 by Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman, telling the family lives of a group of superheroes, all living in a close community, has burned through its second print And Boom! are rapidly getting a third print out there to satify the insatiable crowd. Will it be enough? The first print of Supurbia[...]
Supurbia Now An Ongoing Series
Until now. Supurbia, the superhero Boom! series from Grace Randolph and Russell Dauterman, the second issue on sale today, was solicited as a four issue series. But instead it's now going to be an ongoing series. Those Superdesperate housewives looks like they have a lot more stories to tell…. Apparently this was announced at ECCC, but no one[...]
Thirteen Thoughts About Thirteen Comics – Supreme, Savage Dragon, Daredevil, Supurbia, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Action Comics, Fanboys Vs Zombies, Danger Club, Hulk, Mudman and Wolverine And The X-Men
Forever. I should have some very welcome news to run about Supurbia shortly, but for now it's time for the an-entire-year's-worth-of-comic-soap-plotlines-condensed-into-one-issue speciality of this title once more Seriously, we go through several of Paul Levitz's A, B and C arcs in this thing, since you remove some of the unnecessary superhero fights to get to the[...]
Grace Randolph Interviews Her Supurbia Artist, Russell Dauterman : Between The Pages
[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph interviews her own artist on Supurbia, Russell Dauterman including his background in costume design – including for the Captain America: The First Avenger comic – and how he designed a universe of characters for Suburbia. [youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph interviews her own artist on Supurbia, Russell Dauterman including his background in costume design – including[...]
Speculator Corner: Supurbia, Hell Yeah And The Manhattan Projects One Day Later
Bleeding Cool looked at recent speculator fueled demand for a number of comic books recently, resembling the speculator boom that occurred around the release of Chew and other Image titles a couple of years ago. Supurbia #1 took the crowd It rapidly disappeared from shelves, and by the end of the day, a copy sold for $16.50 on[...]
Something Called Ext— From Boom!
It appears, hot off the success of Supurbia, that Boom! are publishing something new from another creator I understand they may have something to do with Bleeding Cool as well But I know that it's not me. The filename of the image is Ext—. It appears, hot off the success of Supurbia, that Boom! are publishing[...]
Supurbia Is The Superhero Comic We've Been Waiting For
Supurbia, a new comic from Boom! is written by Bleeding Cool contributor Grace Randolph It is edited by Matt Gagnon who is editing the Avengefuls books I am writing for Boom! – who are also publishing them So this thing has conflict of interest written all over it. Well balls to that I've never met a[...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic! – Top Ten Comic Girlfriends… And Boyfriends
As part of her Think About The Ink Stacktastic! video blog, she brings us her top ten of superhero civilian girlfriends and boyfriends in celebration of the release of her Supurbia comic tomorrow I've read it and will be writing about that later I wonder if I'll like it or not? [youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph does her[...]
Speculator Corner – Adventure Time, Peter Panzerfaust, Thief Of Thieves, No Place Like Home, Fatale, Alpha Girl, Prophet, Road Rage, Dawn Of The Jedi, Crossed, Hell Yeah, The Manhattan Projects And Supurbia
I'm calling it, if you buy those comics, and flip them in one or two weeks, you will make money. Fuck it, I think you might well score with Supurbia #1 from Boom! as well, it's that good I've read an advance copy and though it's being sold as Desperate Housewives meets superheroes, it is so[...]
Grace Randolph's Supurbia Sells Out, Gets A Second Print
Bleeding Cool's Grace Randolph has a sellout of her first created comic for Boom!, Supurbia, a week before it is meant to go on sale Which means that all the extra copies that Boom! printed for reorders have been sucked up by eager retailers before it's gone on sale Hopefully that means there will be[...]
PREVIEW: Grace Randolph And Russell Dauterman's Supurbia
She's written for Marvel's Her-Oes and for Boom's Muppet comics, but I was most looking forward to Supurbia, her own superheroes-as-desperate-housewives comic All superhero fiction is about power fantasy, and targetting the suburban family as a way to find people trapped and powerless in the lives they have built for themselves seemed rich with possibility. Then[...]