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THR is reporting that Laurel Marsden (Quibi's Survive) has joined the cast in the role of Zoe Zimmer (Marvel declined to comment on the reporting). Created by editors Sana Amanat and Stephen Wacker, writer G Willow Wilson, and artists Adrian Alphona and Jamie McKelvie and first introduced in the comics in 2012, Kamala is a Pakistani-American teen[...]
Christoph Waltz stars in Most Dangerous Game, courtesy of Quibi.
These reviews might serve as proof that it actually existed. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Survive | Official Trailer | Quibi ( Survive Survive is the first movie on the app to end its run, and it ended exactly as badly I thought it would[...]
Maika Monroe stars in The Stranger, courtesy of Quibi.
It doesn't waste time on backstory or exposition like The Most Dangerous Game or Survive do. Clare remains on guard even at the store in The Stranger, courtesy of Quibi. The Stranger Wants to be Relevant The first segment suggests this is The Hitcher for the #MeToo era People think Clare is lying about the existence of Carl[...]
Jane and Paul must do what it takes to Survive, courtesy of Quibi.
In Quibi's Survive, Jane (Sophie Turner) is a privileged girl who wants to end her life, when she survives a plane crash with a nice, non-suicidal guy named Paul (Corey Hawkins) They have to trek through the snowy mountains to survive Wasn't there a more expensive version of this movie that starred Kate Winslet and[...]
Could Improbable's SpatialOS Change the Indie Games Market?
After all, there was a whole info panel about the SDK this year.  To show off their system, Improbably actually went about building their own demo game, called Survive.  The game was thrown together in the last few months as a way to show off Improbable's SpatialOS tech The design team hadn't even worked in the Unreal engine[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From X-Files To Sandman And Uber
#6 DC Comics: Forever Evil Rogues Rebellion #6 DC Comics: Justice League Dark #29 DC Comics: Aquaman #29 Marvel Comics: Guardians Of The Galaxy #13 Marvel Comics: Silver Surfer #1 Vertigo: Sandman: Overture #2 Marvel Comics: Superior Spider-Man #30 Marvel Comics: Survive #1 Dark Horse: Elfquest: The Final Quest #2 DC Comics: Suicide Squad Amanda Waller #1 Marvel Comics: New Avengers #16 Image: Rat Queens Volume 1:[...]
Forty-Three Thoughts About Forty-Three Comics – Superior Spider-Man Team Up, Revolutionary War, A+X, Justice League Dark, Superman, Sex, Satellite Sam, Alex + Ada, Revenge, Real Heroes, Fatale, Amazing X-Men, Origin II, Silver Surfer, Deadpool, Iron Patriot, Brilliant, Hawkeye, Survive, Game Of Thrones, Red Sonja, GI Joe, Ghostbusters, Godzilla, Transformers, Furious, Massive, Bloodhound, Tomb Raider, King Conan, Serenity, Vandroid, Pariah, Elfquest, Mind MGMT, Captain Midnight, Mass Effect, Empowered, Star Wars Legends, Blackout, Bravest Warriors, Midas Flesh And Hacktivist
Though while I expect the mutant website will keep crashing, but it will Survive… GI Joe: A Real American Hero #200 gives us an all-American drug experience of over-the-counter medical assistance Who needs Obamacare when you have such soldiers willing to do their duty A big shame they're fictional So any other self-medication available? Elfquest #2 prefers[...]
Everyone Pointing The Finger in Ultimate Comics' Survive Preview
So, someone is dead, Spoilers for Ultimate Cataclysm, obviously. And in the Survive oneshot by Brian Bendis and Joe Quinones, everyone is pointing the finger First there's Tony Stark.Then there's SHIELD… Well, someone's going to blamed They seem to have to have got the shield back off Storm though. So, someone is dead, Spoilers for Ultimate Cataclysm,[...]
Mystery Marvel Ultimate Comics For February?
And then… nothing? Aside from something called Survive in March And we're all wondering what April will bring. Unless it's something February will bring Because the Marvel site has two listings, one for Ultimate Comics The Ultimates #35 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #32. The numbering would fit the issue numbers, if the Cataclysm mini-series had been included[...]