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Thundercats Ultimates Wave 5 Announced By Super7, Preorders Live
I love that Bengali comes with all of his forging tools and such, and that forged Sword of Omens is great He is the standout to me all-around, but Vultreman also features an amazing-looking sculpt I hope that he comes out as great as the render here So far, they have been killing it with[...]
Thundercats Ultimates By Super7: Let's Look At Lion-O
Lion-O comes with four different claw shields, including one with the mini Sword of Omens, the Book of Omens, and of course, the actual Sword of Omens All are well detailed and easy to interchange The claw shields feature both fur-like finishes and a slick solid gold look as well. Lion-O This figure quite simply is great[...]
Where Is Our Thundercats Live Action Film?
should just stop rereleasing the original series on DVD every six months and try to get this thing off the ground. The Sword of Omens There have been numerous rumors over the years, most recently a bizarre one that Ryan Reynolds film 6 Underground that debuted on Netflix last year was a secret Thundercats movie That is[...]