Thundercats Ultimates Wave 5 Announced By Super7, Preorders Live

Thundercats Ultimates from Super7 continues to chug along as the company announces the fifth wave of figures. This wave includes Bengali, Captain Hammerhand, Vultureman, and Mirror Lion-O. Each will come loaded to the gills with accessories, all housed in the standard Ultimates packaging we all know and love. This line has seen its issues so far, with delays and shipping being entirely out of wack. Wave three has partially shipped, with Cheetara delayed, while wave two is still MIA, though expected in a month or two now. When the figures do arrive, this is one of the best lines of figures out there, and maybe the best Thundercats figures ever made. Check out wave five below.

Thundercats Ultimates Wave 5 Announced By Super7, Preorders Live
Credit Super7

Thundercats Ultimates Wave 5 Details

"Super7 is proud to reveal an intergalactic who's-who of heroes and villains in this fifth wave of ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Bengali, Mirror Lion-O, Hammerhand, and Vultureman are ready for battle with all of their mayhem-making and villain-vanquishing accessories. Figures can be ordered individually. We are offering a payment plan option exclusively available for orders that include the ThunderCats ULTIMATES! Wave 5 Figures Full Set. Individual figures can be ordered with a Full Set."

Man, these are some great-looking figures. I love that Bengali comes with all of his forging tools and such, and that forged Sword of Omens is great. He is the standout to me all-around, but Vultreman also features an amazing-looking sculpt. I hope that he comes out as great as the render here. So far, they have been killing it with the characters' choices in this Thundercats line, balancing must-have figures with deep cuts to please everyone. Remember people: not all the heavy-hitters can come out at once. You can preorder this wave directly from Super7 here and also from here.

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