Thundercats Ultimates By Super7: Let's Look At Lion-O

Super7 has finally begun shipping their new Thundercats Ultimates figures to collectors after a long, long wait. The first wave, made up of four figures, includes some heavy-hitters as well: Mumm-Ra, Jackalman, Panthro, and Lion-O. These figures were already released by Mattel a few years back, but now that Super7 has the license and is moving forward with the line, they decided to re-release these incase people missed them (like me), that way everyone is on a level playing field as collectors. Anticipation is high for these, and over the next couple days we will take a look at all four figures, starting today with Lion-O.

Super7 Thundercats Are Spectacular

First, as always we have to commend the packaging. Super7 Ultimates figures always have the same box inside a slipcase design, but where they shine is the key art and little winks and nods to fans. Like securing and utilizing the original Thundercats logo. They didn't have to do that, but there it is. The slipcase with the foil logo is top notch, and the red on black is perfect. After removing the slip, the figures and the sheer amount of accessories becomes fully visible and makes your jaw drop. All you MOC collectors take note: it doesn't get much better than this.

Once out of the package, Lion-O has so much in common with their MOTU Classics figures. Tons of great articulation and a sturdy body buck, the Thundercats leader is easy to pose and effortless to keep level. Details-wise, the paint aps are all spot on on this figure and there are no bleeds or blemishes. I did have to struggle a bit to switch out his heads, the more intense head sculpt did not want to stay on very well and took some force to get to stay on. The hands however had no issues. As with all Super7 Ultimates, there are a ton of accessories. Lion-O comes with four different claw shields, including one with the mini Sword of Omens, the Book of Omens, and of course, the actual Sword of Omens. All are well detailed and easy to interchange. The claw shields feature both fur-like finishes and a slick solid gold look as well.

Thundercats Ultimates By Super7: Let's Look At Lion-O

This figure quite simply is great. I did not own the original so this one is all new to me. So, in my eyes this could not be a better kick-off to this new and exciting line of figures. I have waited my whole life for an amazing Thundercats line, and now that it is here I could not be more pumped. You can grab these still right here.

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