Where Is Our Thundercats Live-Action Film?

Thundercats is one of the most beloved properties of the 1980s. Right alongside Masters of the Universe, Ghostbusters, GI Joe, and Transformers, the 'Cats to this day play a part in many a life of men and women both young and old. Unlike any of those other properties, Thundercats is the only one who has not gotten a live-action film. Some of them have even gotten reboots already. As a child of the 80's myself, who once walked around during an entire family trip to Washington D.C., replying to everything by saying "Snarf," I demand to know why we have not gotten a Thundercats live-action film.

Thundercats HO!

As a toy collector, we have been taken care of as far as Thundercats go. Multiple toy lines have come out over the years, and Super7 is gearing up to give us the ultimate 'Cats line of our dreams. Thundercats ROAR! is airing on Cartoon Network, no matter how you feel about it. All that is missing is an announcement we have been waiting for since 1985. At this point, Warner Bros. should just stop rereleasing the original series on DVD every six months and try to get this thing off the ground.

Where Is Our Thundercats Live Action Film?
The Sword of Omens

There have been numerous rumors over the years, most recently a bizarre one that Ryan Reynolds film 6 Underground that debuted on Netflix last year was a secret Thundercats movie. That is where we have gotten to, that we think film's that very clearly have nothing to do with the property are secretly the film we have been dying for. Those worrying that this would just be an action-packed version of CATS are wrong, this is an epic tale that in the right hands could run for multiple films. Come on Warner Bros.- awareness is higher than it has been in years, you have a toy line about to explode, and more opportunities in the animation realm. Don't screw this up. It is time. Give us Thundercats.

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