Tales From The Borderlands

"Tales From the Borderlands" Sequel Allegedly Leaked on Reddit

"Tales From the Borderlands Redux" and Sequel Allegedly Leaked on Reddit

If you enjoyed the story-centric Tales From the Borderlands and found yourself wanting more, that may very well be in the cards. If a recent leak that hit Reddit is to be believed, there's a potential sequel on tis way. Over at r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, a user posted two different off-screen videos of what appeared to be […]

2K Games Is Working To Get Tales From The Borderlands Back Up

One of the side projects we've learned about from 2K Games is that they've been working to restore Tales From The Borderlands for sale. With Borderlands 3 on the way, it only makes sense for the company to want anything and everything related to the franchise up for sale, just in case some gamers feel […]

Looking Over the Free Games for Twitch Prime Members in April

For those of you curious as to what kind of games you'll be getting in April from Twitch Prime, the company has revealed the five games you'll be able to pick up this month for free, just by having a membership. Those five games will be: Tales from the Borderlands, DubWars, SteamWorld Dig 2, Kingsway, and […]

Bleeding Cool's Game Of The Year 2015: #17 – #1

One of my great pleasures in doing a lot of my game's writing is playing as many games as possible and handing out awards at the end of the year. Game of the Year is something I look forward to immensely, allowing me to look back on the last 12 months of games and really […]

Telltale And Cast Get All Retrospective Over Tales From The Borderlands In Video

In my flurry to complete all of 2015's most notable games, I have only just finished Tales from the Borderlands. If you haven't gotten to it, you really should. It's one of Telltale's strongest series, and that comes from someone who doesn't have much love for the Borderlands universe. If you have played the series […]

Tales From The Borderlands Gets A Finale Trailer

Tales from the Borderlands is going to come to a close next week, as Episode 5 hits wrapping up the story of Telltale and Gearbox's cross over. The series has garnered some surprisingly good reviews, gaining applause for its fast pace and comical nature. To get you nice and primed, this new trailer for The Vault […]

Tales From The Borderlands Finale Dated; First Episode Currently Free

Tales from the Borderlands has been chugging along since the end of last year, gaining its fair share of praise along the way. The comedy focus has been a departure for Telltale, and I've heard mostly good things about the change of tone Well, the wait to see the story complete is nearly over. It […]

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 4 Is Out Next Week

Telltale's Tales From The Borderlands has been getting rave reviews ever since it debuted last year, with each episode being eagerly awaited for by fans. I haven't gotten around to it personally, but Charleyy seemed to have a pretty good time with the last episode. It was announced today that the next episode will be hitting […]

The Tales From The Borderlands Episode 3 Trailer Plays For The Laughs

Yesterday, Charleyy's weighed in on Catch-a-Ride, the third episode of Tales From the Borderlands. I personally haven't touched the series yet, but I have heard universally good things. I'm tempted to finally hop in after seeing this trailer for the episode, which released yesterday. This looks great and seeing Telltale do humour is a very exciting […]

Tales From The Borderlands Episode 2 Coming This Month

The first episode of Telltale's Tales From the Borderlands caught a lot of people off guard, pleasing a ton of gamers who didn't even identify as Boderlands fans. The wait for episode 2 has been a long one as the series debuted in November. If you've been waiting, rejoice because that wait will end soon. During […]