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We Review Tell Me Why On The Xbox One
Tell Me Why is the latest adventure from Dontnod Entertainment, and it's a valiant attempt at telling a relatable story from the point of view of a trans man named Tyler and his twin sister Alyson The sticking point is that it's a murder mystery that feels as though it should never have been a[...]
Tell Me Why Receives Three New Videos From DONTNOD
DONTNOD Entertainment is gearing up for the release of Tell Me Why with three new videos exploring the game Chapters 1-3 will be released over the course of the next few weeks as you'll be able to play this story of two siblings exploring their past and trying to figure out if the past was[...]
Tell Me Why Gets A New Trailer During The Xbox Games Showcase
During the Xbox Games Showcase today, DONTNOD Entertainment showed off the latest trailer for their upcoming game Tell Me Why You can check it out below, along with a snippet of the game's expanded description from the devs on Xbox Wire, as it reveals new info about Tyler and Alyson This includes the fact that[...]
Dontnod Entertainment Announces "Tell Me Why" At XO19
The folks over at Dontnot Entertainment announced a brand new IP this week at XO19 called Tell Me Why This one will be a narrative-based, "true-to-life" game, in which two twins explore their past and try to unravel what the hell happened to them in their messed up childhood The game looks and feels like[...]