Tell Me Why Receives Three New Videos From DONTNOD

DONTNOD Entertainment is gearing up for the release of Tell Me Why with three new videos exploring the game. Chapters 1-3 will be released over the course of the next few weeks as you'll be able to play this story of two siblings exploring their past and trying to figure out if the past was worth digging into. The devs released a small bit of insight on Xbox Wire into all three trailers, which you can watch below. We have a snippet of that info as you enjoy all three and get all the info you may need before diving into the game.

Chapter One of Tell Me Why will be released on August 27th, courtesy of DONTNOD.
Chapter One of Tell Me Why will be released on August 27th, courtesy of DONTNOD.

The first video shares insights into the Alaskan setting of Tell Me Why, and the steps the team took to create the town of Delos Crossing. Because the region of the world where the game takes place is home to many indigenous communities, it was crucial to the team that they include Alaska Native perspectives at every step of development, including Amelia Wilson, executive director of Huna Heritage Foundation.

Next is a reflection on the significance of characters like Tyler, the first transgender protagonist from a major studio and publisher, and Michael, a queer Tlingit man. Meaningful representations of trans and indigenous experiences are often difficult to come by in mainstream media, in no small part because these voices are so rarely included in the process of creating the characters meant to reflect them. Featured in this video are some of the many individuals who helped bring Tyler's and Michael's journeys to life – including August Black, Tyler's voice actor.

There will be many ways in which players will shape and navigate the twins' homecoming, and the last video describes some of them in detail. Dontnod game director Florent Guillaume describes the "Rashomon effect" at the heart of Alyson and Tyler's story; game and level design associate lead Charlène Bogani explains how she and her team set a specific tone around exploring the twins' childhood home; and Tell Me Why lead writer Morgan Lockhart talks about how the twins' prized possession, the Book of Goblins, will provide both hints and lore for players to puzzle over.

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