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From The Makers Of Sharknado 2: The Second One, SyFy's Z Nation
Its from The Asylum, the studio that specializes in mockbusters and brought us Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One… so you can pretty much assume this is a send up of The Walking Dead and World War Z. Here is the trailer: [youtube][/youtube]   This September SyFy will kick off its new 13-series Z Nation which stars Harold[...]
Sharknado Producers Turn To Comics For Jail Bait
It says so much. Well, The Asylum, the studio that brought you that deadly attack of marine mammals from the sky, has another even-more-exploitative feature length production on the way, Jail Bait, which they describe as a "provocative and sexy girls-in-prison drama". Yup. But in order to prepare the way, they've put out a comic book, 17 And[...]
The Asylum Finally Have One Of Their Mockbusters Blocked As Lawyers Stop Age Of The Hobbits
The Asylum, the low-budget film studio behind such classics as Abraham Lincoln Vs Zombies, Paranormal Entity, Transmorphers and Almighty Thor, have run into a lawsuit that they can't duck out of with their "historical drama" Age of the Hobbits. As a studio that predominantly trades in "mockbusters" – shamelessly transparent rip-offs of whatever big movie is[...]
The Asylum Defends Historical Drama Age Of The Hobbits From New Line Lawyers
Long-standing "mockbuster" film studio The Asylum has been flirting with copyright ever since its inception in 1997 and has induced frowny faces in lawyers numerous times in the past, more recently tangling with Universal over American Warships' similarity to Battleship, and with 20th Century Fox over low-budget epic The Day The Earth Stopped Strangely, they[...]