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Shiver Studios Forms, Skinamarink Producer Craig Engler Involved
He is teaming up with The Cartel, the production house behind Creepshow, and looking to produce ten horror films yearly for theatrical release Engler left Shudder to form the new production house after guiding Skinamarink to a theatrical gross of $2 million on a meager $15,000 budget Two new projects have also been announced, the[...]
A Cool Breeze on the Underground: Rian Johnson Options Don Winslow Book
He wrote The Cartel, a saga about the war between the DEA and the drug cartels, and The Force, about a corrupt cop in the NYPD, are slated for major movie adaptations Back in 1990, Winslow as working in New York City as a private investigator and published his first book A Cool Breeze on[...]