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Inventive Horror Game 'Perception' Gets A Mysterious Launch Trailer
credit//Feardemic Feardemic and The Deep End Games have sneakily launched Perception on PC today through Steam and GOG Keeping things quiet is key in any horror game, but especially in Perception, given the game's Daredevil-like protagonist. In the game, players take on the role of Cassie, a blind woman able to sense the world around her via echolocation, who is[...]
The Blind Leading The Not-So-Terrified: We Review 'Perception'
So we were stoked to get a copy of the game before it's released this Tuesday from Feardemic and The Deep End Games. credit//Feardemic Perception is a first-person horror game puts you in the position of a blind woman named Cassie Over the years, Cassie learned to find her way around this earth using echolocation and is[...]
The New Trailer For 'Perception' Is Amazing, And We Want The Game Now!
Perception is a sensory horror adventure created by The Deep End Games (consisting of former BioShock and Dead Space developers) that won over critics at PAX East this year And with good cause, as it puts you in one of the coolest scenarios we've had the privilege to check out You're essentially playing a blind woman using[...]
Horror Game Perception Got A Release Date While We Weren't Looking
Basically, she's the Daredevil of horror games. The Deep End Games, a new studio from the devs behind Bioshock, announced yesterday that the game now has a release date of May 30 (PS4, Xbox One, and PC). You can check out a previous trailer for the game here, or check out the release date trailer below. can't be loaded[...]
The Makers Of Bio-Shock Will Be Bringing Horror Game Perception To Xbox One
A team of veteran console developers who worked on games like Bio-Shock and Dead Space (The Deep End Games) will be bringing their new horror game Perception to Xbox One The game was previously announced for PlayStation 4 and PC. In Perception, you play from the perspective of a blind woman named Cassie who explores an ominous mansion[...]