The Makers Of Bio-Shock Will Be Bringing Horror Game Perception To Xbox One


A team of veteran console developers who worked on games like Bio-Shock and Dead Space (The Deep End Games) will be bringing their new horror game Perception to Xbox One. The game was previously announced for PlayStation 4 and PC.

In Perception, you play from the perspective of a blind woman named Cassie who explores an ominous mansion. Just about everything in the horror genre relies on atmosphere and sound, which become even more important in Perception. Cassie can use echolocation – because all blind people are essentially Dare Devil – to turn sounds into visual cues which can help you find your way around. Yes, Cassie is absolutely Matt Murdock.

You'll be equipped with just a walking stick and a smartphone and use your wits to outsmart some ghosts. Which should be easy enough for you, woman without fear.

All snarking aside, the art direction in this game looks awesome and I am definitely looking forward to it.

Perception has no specific release date just yet, but it should be sometime this year.

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