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Frozen 2 Poster. Credit Disney
It grossed $2 million at the screenings, and that bodes well for when it opens wide Wednesday. The top 10 grossing films for the weekend of November 22: Frozen 2 – $127 million Ford Vs Ferrari– $15 million A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood– $13.5 million 21 Bridges– $9.1 million Midway– $4.7 million Playing With Fire– $4.62 million The Good Liar– $3.3 million Charlie's[...]
"Ford v Ferarri" Review: One of the Best Movies of the Year
Hopefully this one has a second life on streaming and can find it's audience there, it is a shame that it is going to come and go so fast. The Top 10 at the weekend box office for November 15: Ford V Ferrari– $31 million Midway– $8.7 million Charlie's Angels– $8.6 million Playing With Fire– $8.5 million Last Christmas– $6.7 million Doctor[...]