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How The Interview Became A Cultural Vortex Of Crazy – Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh
Adi Tantimedh writes,  It's been a heady few weeks for Sony Studios and their movie The Interview. First the studio got hacked in late November Thoroughly, stole-everything-but-the-crown-jewels hacked where their entire computer system was frozen and important confidential files and email correspondences stolen, then leaked on the internet for all to see During the first week, the[...]
The Interview Makes $15 Million On-Line And Costs One Man $650
The controversial film, The Interview, ended up having its Christmas release in some small independent theaters where it made over 2.8 million The real news is that Sony also released the Seth Rogen / James Franco comedy to some on-line distributors where the film made an amazing 15 million dollars The price of the on-line showing[...]
The Interview Is Available To Stream Now – And Weirdly On Xbox Video
The "will they" "won't they" discussion has been answered and The Interview has seen its release online While people were discussing and editorializing over the past week about the movie, there is at least a little bit of humorous irony that not only did the movie get released, it was available a day early. In case[...]
Sony Changes Course, The Interview Will Get A Christmas Day Release After All
Sony has decided to release The Interview on Christmas day as originally planned The film will not have a wide release a it was scheduled, likely fewer than 100 theaters, but it will be appearing in some theaters as well as being released on VOD. Here's Sony's official statement including a quote by chairman and CEO[...]
Larry Flynt Offers To Distribute 'The Interview' For Sony
On BBC's Newsnight TV show airing on BBC2 right now, Hustler founder Larry Flynt stated that he was working on producing a porn parody of The Interview, which would as he said " calling Sony a "bunch of scaredycats… this is a no-back bone situation… I don't even consider a threat from North Korea to be substantial." And when[...]
Will Netflix Release Team America: World Police Figures?
So Paramount won't let cinemas show Team America: World Police, in response to the pulling of The Interview and the cancellation of Pyongyang. Even if you are George R R Martin. But there are other ways Reddit/r/movies is already running a campaign for folk to watch the movie on Netflix And why not, it is a hell of[...]
FBI Confirms North Korean Government Is Behind The Sony Hack
There were also the threat of 911 level attacks on any theaters showing the film The Interview This all led to the cancelling of the films release. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said yesterday that the federal government was weighing a "proportional response" to the cyber attack . Here is the full FBI Statement: Today, the FBI would like to[...]
Sony Cancels The Interview, Gives In To The Hackers
Word came out yesterday that Sony Pictures has cancelled the Christmas day theatrical release of the Seth Rogen / James Franco film The Interview This comes after the company has been suffering though the aftermath of a hacking and releasing of the information by a group known as the Guardians of Peace or #GoP It is[...]
Sony Releases Red Band Trailer For The Interview
Sony has released the Red Band trailer for the Seth Rogen and James Franco film The Interview The plot of the movie is Franco is a television celebrity and interviewer while Rogen is his producer In an attempt to do some "real news", they accept an invite from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un to interview[...]