The Interview Is Available To Stream Now – And Weirdly On Xbox Video


So, yes. All the hearsay is over. The "will they" "won't they" discussion has been answered and The Interview has seen its release online. While people were discussing and editorializing over the past week about the movie, there is at least a little bit of humorous irony that not only did the movie get released, it was available a day early.

In case you have been living under a rock, The Interview, a movie about assassinating Kim Jong-Un, was pulled from American theaters due to North Korean hackers making terrorist threats on screenings. After a week of a ton speculation, the film has turned up on streaming services and in a limited number of cinemas.

You can stream it right now on Google Play, Youtube and Xbox Video, as well as straight from the website for $5.99. Currently, the film is only available in the US.

So why is the game guy writing this? Well, there is something interesting I noticed. This is a Sony film and it's being streamed on Microsoft's Xbox Video, but not on the PlayStation Network. Sony Pictures have expressed an interest in bringing exclusive content to the PlayStation 4, but in this case they have instead given streaming rights to their direct competitors. The only reason I can think of is because Sony might want to distance themselves from directly streaming the movie, but even that doesn't make that much sense.

It is still an interesting choice though. I will be interested in seeing the numbers of The Interview after all this.