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Reddit Users Figure Out The Last Of Us 2 Locations
If you believe the sleuthing done by several Reddit members, then some keen-eyed users may have figured out The Last Of Us 2's setting According to this thread by Voldsby, who is notorious for finding these kinds of things in video games, it appears the locations are near downtown Seattle and around a section of the[...]
5 E3 2016 Predictions For You To Mull Over
We've seen al ot of Kojima Production's mascot 'Ludens' recently, and I think he might be part of the game, thus explaining the changing high render images of him Kojima has been sharing. Naughty Dog Won't Be There Many expect that we will hear from Naughty Dog this year, with the common thought that the developer will[...]
The Last Of Us 2 May Not Be Being Worked On Right Now
A few months back, Nolan North hinted that The Last of Us 2 was happening, sending PlayStation fans everywhere into a tizzy Since then, we've only gotten more and more evidence that the sequel is happening, piece by piece. Well, according to Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann, it isn't quite so cut and dry Speaking to OPM[...]
Naughty Dog May Have Slipped Up And Revealed The Last Of Us 2
To date, we've gotten tons of clues that The Last of Us 2 is being worked on At this point we are just waiting for official word, which I'm going to hazard a guess, will be at PlayStation Experience Failing that, next E3. The other night though, we got something else, I'm going to throw onto[...]
Did This Voice Actor Out The Last Of Us 2?
 First Amy Hennig's new project, then about the thrown out Uncharted content and now it looks like he may have outed the Last of Us 2 (I have my doubts though Speaking at a panel at MetroCon, of which there is video, the voice actor said fairly nonchalantly: For now I know they're doing Last of Us 2,[...]
The Last of Us 2 Might Be Being Worked On – Rumour
CVG have pointed out that the Linkedin profile of Michael Knowland, an ex-Lead Character Artists, says that he worked on The Last of Us 2 for a month. CVG report that the title was previously listed as 'Untitled AAA Game' before changing to 'The Last of Us 2'. This of course doesn't guarantee a game in the[...]