The Last of Us Part 2 Composer Teases Game is Coming Soon

If the latest rumor is to be believed, we may be seeing The Last Of Us Part 2 released on the PS4 a lot sooner than we think. Here, we have a video someone recorded and uploaded to Reddit of the game's composer, Gustavo Santaolalla, during one of his concerts where he often talks to the crowd as he performs. During the performance, Santaolalla says that the game is "coming very soon", which got a number of people in the crowd excited as they were treated to more of his music.

Gustavo Santaolalla (The last of us soundtrack composer) just said that TLOU2 is coming very soon. from r/thelastofus

It's been rumored for the longest time from different sources that the game is pretty much set for a 2019 release, but neither Naughty Dog or Sony will comment on this either way. But "very soon"? Unless they're lying about the development through the photos online, no way. We're guessing you're going to get a release date at E3 from Naughty Dog themselves this year since Sony has bailed out of the event, and that it will be sometime in the holidays because that's the predictable route that both companies would probably take. Unless they want to be unpredictable, which we wouldn't put it past them to do for lower-tier titles. But with a game like The Last Of Us Part 2…we're leaning on the side of predictable.

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