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Turf War Continues the Avatar's LGBTQ+ Representation
When The Legend of Korra ended in 2014, fans watched as the two protagonists walked hand in hand into the spirit portal Although there was a certain level of ambiguity in their relationship, show creators confirmed once the series concluded that Korra and Asami were absolutely a couple, in a move that gave LGBTQ+ fans[...]
Funko London Toy Fair 2020 Reveals - Legend of Korra
Fans of The Legend of Korra are about to lose their minds as Funko reveals an upcoming release of Korra Funko Pops I know a lot of fans have been talking about these and we have even seen rumors but they re finally here and they are awesome! On top of that Korra will be getting a[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Sleeping Beauty To Kill Bill
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Kirin armor (Monster Hunter) : Medowsweet ( Photographer: N8e cosplay photography ( Callisto (Xena Warrior Princess) : TophWei ( Quinn (League of Legends) : CrystalPanda ( Photographer: GQBravo ( Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)[...]