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But do you actually do your smelling in your nostrils? Isn't it further up? I have realised I have no idea what I'm talking about and should go and read a biology book, maybe get a closer look. Thank you for obliging, preview to The Revengers in the back of Elephantmen lets us know some of[...]
The New Comic From Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill, The Revenger, Out In February
Jonathan Ross and Ian Churchill's new comic for Image, The Revenger. Regular readers will know just how big Jonathan Ross is in the UK Basically, he's John Stewart as a chatshow host with the comparative audience of Leno and Letterman combined He's proper funny, has championed the causes of comics, he's presented the Eisners (and kissed[...]
Jonathan Ross And Ian Churchill To Create New Series, The Revenger – A Tragedy
Published anonymously, the manuscript for teh stage play The Revenger's Tragedy was an English language Jacobean revenge tragedy, later attributed to either Cyril Tourneur or Thomas Middleton. It also informs the title of Jonathan Ross' new comic which sounds a little more superheroic in nature, The Revenger – A Tragedy A Jacobean Avengers perhaps? He's writing it[...]