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Harbinger, Bloodshot & The Scumbag- More Creators With Payment Issues
He tweeted out a screencap of an article from Bleeding Cool that reported The Scumbag #1 by Rick Remender and LaRosa, published by Image Comics last year, as Rick Remender's biggest creator-owned launch ever He positioned this next to a screencap showing LaRosa had been blocked on Twitter by Remender And LaRosa's reply to Brett, "I[...]
4 Thoughts About The Scumbag #1
I read The Scumbag #1, a comic from Rick Remender (allegedly his biggest Image launch ever) and a rotating cast of pencillers Lewis LaRosa, currently of Bad Idea fame, penciled the issue. The Scumbag #1 cover Credit: Image Comics The Scumbag #1 is exactly as advertised Rick Remender & Co have a hoot creating a character that[...]
Rick Remender Shows Off A Lot Of The Scumbag as Death & Glory Ends
Remender tweeted out his announcement of his new book coming out near the end of October, The Scumbag.  Staring a throwback to "a bygone era", Remender's new character Ernie Ray Clementine finds himself the beneficiary of a serum that gives him powers making him into "the world's most powerful super spy." He is the last[...]