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Want To Play A Game Run By Monte Cook Or Bruce Cordell At Gen Con This Year?
By Christopher Helton Monte Cook Games is going to have a charity auction, giving away chances to play in a Numenera game run by Monte Cook or a game of The Strange run by Bruce Cordell at Gen Con 2014. [Monte Cook] Numenera is a science fantasy roleplaying game, set in a far future setting known as The Ninth World[...]
Where Else Will We Find The Strange Woman Of The New 52?
So Bleeding Cool has been noting and looking out for appearances of The Strange Woman who first appeared in Flashpoint #5, through the new DC relaunch titles But does her influence go further back? Weve been looking through the our back issues… Superman #75 was a big moment for DC and one of their biggest icons[...]
All Thirteen Appearances Of The Strange Woman In This Week's DC Comics
Here are all thirteen appearances of The Strange Woman Of Flashpoint, appearing in all the DC Universe titles shipping this week. From Batgirl #1. From Swamp Thing #1. From O.M.A.C #1 From Green Arrow #1. From Static Shock #1. From Detective Comics #1. From Stormwatch #1. From Men Of War #1. From Batwing #1. From Action Comics[...]