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Sony Pulls The Plug On 'The Tomorrow Children' This November
If you're one of the people who have been enjoying The Tomorrow Children, we have some sad news for you Sony has decided it will discontinue service to the game on November 1 Sony announced the decision via their Japanese PlayStation site, didn't give a solid reason for pulling the Q Games title beyond stating they[...]
Looking Back On Gamescom: The Biggest Surprises, The Strangest Games, And Why This Year Trumped Last Year
Game play over cinematics. [youtube][/youtube] Then you have Ninja Theory's Hellblade, the first attempt at an independently-developed game with AAA production values.  The game itself (such as it is, since we only have the trailer above) doesn't interest me much, but what it stands for does.  With mainstream game development becoming more and more high-risk, high-reward, the[...]