Sony Pulls The Plug On 'The Tomorrow Children' This November

If you're one of the people who have been enjoying The Tomorrow Children, we have some sad news for you. Sony has decided it will discontinue service to the game on November 1. Sony announced the decision via their Japanese PlayStation site, didn't give a solid reason for pulling the Q Games title beyond stating they were ending "allowed to terminate the provision of services", nor have they mentioned having any issues with the game, so to hear it's being shut down just over a year after it was released is both disheartening and disconcerting.

Now if you don't understand what "provision of services" is, it means that there is an agreement in place that one party provides services in exchange for reasonable compensation. While nothing official is on the table, one could easily deduce that Sony was providing an online service for the game, but somewhere along the line, the creators were not compensating the company back for their services according to the terms laid out, so they are effectively ending it. At least, that would be our best guess based on the specific language used and trust us, that isn't language you see too often when companies shut down service for a game on their networks.

The Tomorrow Children is actually a really awesome free-to-play online game where players live in a disaster-struck dystopian society (ala 1960's Russia) where they collaboratively rebuild the town and work together to make it prosper. If you're on a PS4, I'd rush to download it and try it out before they delete the game on September 28 and then shut the service down on November 1.

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