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Five Reasons To Read The Wake By Scott Snyder And Sean Murphy
By Matt Spector Science and mythology collide under the sea in Vertigo Comic's apocalyptic epic, The Wake Created by Scott Snyder (Batman) and Sean Murphy (Punk Rock Jesus), this Eisner Award winning miniseries is as smartly written as it is beautiful to look at Here are the top five spoiler-filled reasons you should be reading The[...]
Comics for Your Indie Cred: The Pride #3 On ComiXology Today
Indie cred will be awarded on your way out. Either way though, I shouldn't have to state how perfect a moment the midpoint issue is for any series as evident by The Wake and Trillium It's the optimal time to jump on, and those who have been following along already know what comes next will completely[...]
Well The Wake Just Gets Scarier And Scarier Crashing Toward Finale
And this is, after all, a Vertigo book. But that's not actually what I'm talking about when I say that The Wake, issues #8 and #9, leading up to the series finale in #10, is getting scarier It's the mental stuff, the unexplained stuff, and the eerie way that people react to things. [*Mild spoilers for issue[...]
Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles From Original Sin To Nailbiter And The Wake
Log in and tell us what looks great in the July Previews! Thanks for watching! Time stamps for this episode are: 11:28 Original Sin #1 12:32 Green Lantern #31 13:27 Future's End #1 14:56 Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #1 15:54 Cyclops #1 16:43 Nailbiter #1 18:33 Madame Frankenstein #1 22:24 Rat Queens #6 23:17 Moon Knight #3 24:10 Iron Fist: Living Weapon #2 25:10 Magneto #3 26:13 Earth 2[...]
Here Are The Eisner Awards Nominations For 2014
This is the year of Hawkeye, of Saga and of The Wake Of Love And Rockets, of March Book One and Bluffton: My Summers with Buster. And of Fantagraphics and Image Comics ruling the roost… Who wins of course, well, that's for the night of the show… Best Short Story "Go Owls," by Adrian Tomine, in Optic Nerve #13 (Drawn & Quarterly) "Mars[...]
A Comic Show – Silver Surfer Says, 'Keep Calm & Hang On'!
I enjoyed plenty of other books like Deadly Class, Walking Dead, Serenity, and Scott Snyder's The Wake And, if you have $10 and want to try a volume one this week, Rat Queens: Sass and Sorcery is your best bet I'm starting to love that book Cap of Nerdy Show and I did an interview[...]
Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics of 2013
The Wake, from Vertigo, a division of DC Comics, written by Scott Snyder, with art by Sean Murphy The Wake follows its own star as a series, shuffling aside expectations and even the burdens of science-fiction and horror traditions in comics, and for that reason it swims rather than sinks Neither Scott Snyder nor Sean Murphy,[...]
Diving Deeper Into The Wake #5: An In-depth Discussion Of The Series So Far
One of our New York correspondents, Elizabeth Heyman, writes for Bleeding Cool: The fifth issue of Vertigo's The Wake was already legendary among the book's readers a month before it was even released Simply alluding to the particular comic anywhere within earshot of a comic shop or an online forum would always be met with the[...]
Batwoman #25 And The Wake #5 To Increase In Size… And Price
But when an electrical storm creates havoc for the people of Gotham City, an inexperienced Kate can't deny her duty to protect the innocent! But it will also now be  a 40-page issue and cost $3.99. Also, The Wake #5 will feature expanded contents, including a 25-page story, sketch material and more, again with an increased cover[...]