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Looking Back at Titan Comics Monika
It's an example of what March could do outside of the confines of the big two American comics companies. Monika volume one cover via AtomicJunkshop Published from Titan Comics in the mid-2010s, written by psychologist, novelist, and translator Thilde Barboni, Monika is an erotic thriller that focuses on two sisters, both of whom find comfort in wearing[...]
Monika, Guillem March's New Graphic Novel With Thilde Barboni Is A World Away From Catwoman
But in his home continent, Guillem March is known as a graphic novelist. Here's a look at his upcoming work, Monika, created with writer Thilde Barboni – she has a long history in theatre, radio and in prose. It's rather sensual, but a world away from some of his other work, thanks to Eurocomics USA Invasion's Facebook… (Pages removed at the request of Nazeli[...]