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Thor's Comic Book Review Column: Sagas of the Northmen And A Hero's Death GN
Kennedy Back in the days of dim antiquity, a comics fan, and aspiring comic writer, named Sean Fahey, gathered (virtually) a group of like-minded fans to begin a comics review column; in keeping with his enthusiasm for Vikings, Sean chose the name Thor's Comic Review Column, and through various ups and downs, and an assortment of[...]
Thor's Comic Review Column – Batman & Robin Eternal #1-10 And Robin Wars
THOR'S COMIC REVIEW COLUMN 12/14/15 THIS WEEK'S REVIEWS (GRAIG SAVES THE DAY!): Batman & Robin Eternal #1-10 Robin War #1/Grayson #15 Batman & Robin Eternal #1-10 ($3.99/$2.99, DC Comics) Robin War #1/Grayson #15 ($4.99/$3.99, DC Comics) By Graig Kent The fact that 2015 marks the 75th anniversary of Dick Grayson's first appearance in Detective Comics #38 seems almost an afterthought.  Unlike[...]