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Time Before Time #7 Review: One Heck Of A Trip
Across decades, organizations struggle, and two time-tossed people seek a future for themselves in Time Before Time #7 This means bloodshed and unpleasant surprises abound, but it's one heck of a trip for the reader. Time Before Time #7 Cover Credit: Image Comics The Union and The Syndicate are two rival criminal organizations that have staked out[...]
Time Before Time #6 Review: Satisfies
In this self-contained issue, Time Before Time #6 takes a closer look at the lucrative business of chronal relocation and shows the desperation many feel for escaping the future With co-creator Declan Shalvey returning to his visual roots, this is a wonderful snapshot of the whole series premise in a "done in one" vignette that[...]
Time Before Time #2 Review: Well Thought Out
In Time Before Time #2, time travel is in the hands of criminal organizations, and they use it to profit from things people need in other eras that aren't available One of their couriers named Tatsuo wants out of this rat race, but before he can enact his escape, he's kidnapped by a rogue FBI[...]
Time Before Time #1 Review: Subtle and Elegant
Time Before Time #1 is a brand new noirish science fiction tale that takes on the idea of working for a better life and feeling like there's no way out With a heartless corporate-style organization exploiting fairly rare technology to extract fortune and, of course, spread suffering around. Time Before Time #1 Cover Credit: Image Comics In[...]
"Looper Meets Saga" Declan Shalvey Writes Time Before Time From Image
Time Before Time is a new sci-fi series written with Write It In Blood's Rory McConville, and drawn by Write It In Blood's Joe Palmer as well Here's the solicitation, cover and preview of the comic. Cover by Declan Shalvey TIME BEFORE TIME #1 CVR A SHALVEY (MR) IMAGE COMICS MAR210037 (W) Declan Shalvey, Rory McConville (A) Joe Palmer, Chris[...]