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DC Comics' New Method For Reducing Collections
We also pointed out how they were switching from first-time collections from trade paperbacks to longer, hardcover volumes And seemed to be killing the Deluxe format in the process Oh and in some cases, delaying books for what seems like decades, thanks for that Jude. There now seems to be another route. DC Comics has cancelled the[...]
Rick Remender Meets The Free Market
We ran a piece on Marvel's promise to keep trade paperbacks and hardcovers in stock for longer Rick Remender has come face to face with one of the problems… Can anyone tell me why Uncanny X-Force: Deathlok Nation [Hardcover] is going for $80-100? — Rick Remender (@Remender) November 17, 2012 Is there an after market for trades where[...]
Trading Spaces by Dapper Dan – Jumping On The Flash
Next time I'll look at Batman, and the three graphic novels or trade paperbacks I'd recommend. Dapper Dan writes for Bleeding Cool; Episode 4 (Ok, there's not really been 3 earlier ones, but you might pay more attention if you think this is an established article…) Welcome to the first, hopefully, in a series of articles focusing on[...]
DC Combines Flashpoint Spinoffs Into Anthology Trade Paperbacks
DC Comics appear to be collecting the Flashpoint spinoff series in five combined trade paperbacks in March With each collection ranging from 224 to 320 pages, there should be from eleven to fifteen issues worth in each volume. The World Of Flashpoint Featuring Green Lantern contains Abin Sur – Green Lantern and well as Green Arrow[...]