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New Transformers: Devastation DLC Released Today
But that's exactly what Platinum Games developed Transformers: Devastation is. Today sees a DLC bundle come to the title, which will get you the following: The Dark Star Saber: a fearsome blade which radiates waves of dark energy with every swing. The Photon Disruptor cannon: dealing massive damage at short range. The twin Golden Hunter blaster pistols: which cause[...]
Transformers: Devastation Video Takes You Behind The Scenes
Everything I've seen around Transformers: Devastation has made me more and more impressed I think there really might be something to the Platinum Games' Gen 1 inspired version of the franchise. Here is something new to gawk at too Take a look "behind-the-scenes" in this new video, even though there isn't any behind the scenes incite[...]
Transformers: Devastation Gets A Gorgeous Gameplay Trailer
I had feared that Transformers: Devastation was going to be a visual mess A fast paced Transformer game inspired by a G1 artstyle…it could have been a garish clash of function and design. Which is why I'm actually surprised at how good it really looks This new trailer is more or less, our first look at[...]
Transformers: Devastation Will Be 1080p And 60fps On Both New-Gen Consoles
I'm surprised how soon Transformers: Devastation is coming The game is hitting in October, yet was only announced at SDCC, with very little gameplay on show We haven't really seen the game in action yet from a moment to moment standpoint, and we are only a few months out now. One thing we do now know[...]
SDCC 15: Transformers: Devastation Trailer Plays Up The Nostalgia
We learnt about Platinum Games' Transformers: Devastation just before E3, but until now there hasn't been an official look at the game in motion. Coming out of San Diego Comic Con though, this trailer shows the title in all its glory It's pretty clear that Platinum is really trying to lean on the 80s cartoon aesthetic here[...]
Transformers: Devastation Trailer Shows Off Shell Shaded Action
Transformers: Devastation was announced a few days ago and it's coming from Bayonetta developer Platinum Games The cell shaded game looks pretty neat and if this is Platinum Games on their A game, then this could be great. The team dropped a trailer yesterday by way of PlayStation blog, showing off some action packed gameplay[...]